Ganga (Muni 3) Movie Review
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Director:  Raghava Lawrence
Producer:  Bellamkonda Suresh
Music:  C Sathya, S Thaman, Leon James, Ashwamithra
Cinematography:  Rajavel Olhiveeran
Starring: Raghava Lawrence as Raghavaa, Taapsee as Divya, Kovai Sarala as Raghava’s mother, Jaya Prakash as Villain, Pooja Ramachandran as Pooja, Jangiri Madhumitha as Aishwarya, Nithya Menon in a cameo role
Timesofap rating: 3.5/5

Ganga (Muni 3) Telugu Movie Review


The movie is a mass entertainer in the genre of horror-comedy that appeals to all sections of the audiences. When you think of horror movies, it instantly strikes you haunted houses. But Ganga (Muni 3) is different; because Raghava Lawrence thinks different. This is the reason why his films are great hits.

To get into the story, A TV channel decides to make a movie on ghosts to improvise its dwindling ratings. They select an abandoned dark house and set up artificial ghosts. The crew is in for a rude shock when they are chased and eventually haunted by real demons or spirits. Raghava joins the TV crew as a cameraman. Just uttering the word spirit frightens him and sends him into shivers. Who are these spirits? Why do they chase Raghava, the cameraman? How does he get rid of these devils forms the rest of the story. The film keeps you engaged and engrossed for three hours non-stop.

The first half is outstanding full of comedy blended into horror genre. The second half deals with the story how he gets rid of the devils in him and looks terrifically horrific!


Raghava Lawrence as a frightened effeminate cameraman has once again come up with magnificent performance. He literally cast a magical spell on the audiences with his perfect sense of comedy timing. His intense performance as devil-possessed guy makes you feel scary sending shivers down your spine. Kovai Sarala, the very name evokes laughter in you. Need we say about her performance? She is a veteran in delivering comical punches in her dialogues.

Plus Points:

The story is told in a brilliant manner. The screenplay left no loopholes. Lawrence as director really rocked making the movie more engrossing and racy; so much so that you really feel possessed by Ganga (Muni 3).

Minus Points:

If there are any minus points, technically speaking are drowned down in the intensity of Raghava’s performance and his amazing directorial abilities.


The story deals with the subject of superstitious beliefs, frights, demonic possessions and the fear it causes in people.


A must watch movie. Ganga (Muni 3) is a sure-shot winner.