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Samantha hikes remuneration after Oh Baby!

Ever since 'Oh Baby' touched the coveted 1 Million Dollars mark in the USA and the film made nearly 35+ crores share across the world, there is a buzz everywhere that heroine Samantha has hiked her remuneration. And the buzz says, she is taking home a cool 2 crores for his next.

Industry sources revealed that there is no such development yet and Samantha is not paid 2 crores by anyone post Oh Baby. So far, she has only one film in hand, which happens to be the remake of Tamil film '96', which she signed before Oh Baby shooting started. And for that movie, Dil Raju is said to have paid 1 crore to Samantha including GST and other taxes. That means she will be taking home around 80 lakhs they say.

Now that Samantha is waiting for right stories to happen, first she needs to find a right story that will click and a producer who could splurge huge on her project, taking 2 crores home will not be a reality. Also, first she needs to stabilize her recent success by scoring some other back to back hits as a solo star, which happened previously in the case of Nayantara. Until then, pay hike is merely a rumour, say trade experts.

On the other hand, if any big star heroes opt for Samantha, she might simply demand that pay as it happens in the case of Kajal Aggarwal. But, is she ready for the 4-scenes 5-songs routine again is what matters then.

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