Rana Daggubati Terrific answer about Nepotism
Always there is this question related to 'nepotism' whenever a debate gets started in Bollywood. Recently a noted web media invited Rana Daggubati for a quick Q&A session and the big question bounced at him was about nepotism. And the answer Rana gave is nothing but a big hit out of the park.

"First of all, no film school in India is producing great filmmakers. We're great filmmakers only by our skill, whether that is learned or practised" says Rana, the Baahubali star, while explaining why calling someone a product of nepotism is wrong. 

Putting his point straight, he said, "If your father ran a chemical factory, obviously you will know every nook and corner of that industry. You will know the processes and how it works. My father is a producer, mother ran a film laboratory and my uncle is an actor. So naturally, I know the trade well. All the star kids have figured out the process and they are in cinemas from years, so how can you call it nepotism, rather saying they are well experienced?"

But Rana is not in for a complete blinded argument here as he accepts that chances come easy for insiders. "For somebody in the inside, it is easy to get the first chance. Afterwards, they have to prove themselves with their own skill set. Whether the skill came through family or in college, skill is a skill" he concludes.