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Aditi Rao Takes Indirect Dig At Big Hero

While many are sharing their #MeToo stories, some are actually criticising the way few men are reacting to those stories. One such actress who has thrown a big satire today is none other than royal hottie Aditi Rao Hydari.

Taking twitter by a surprise, today Aditi tweeted, "Slow clap for the dizzying heights of hypocrisy... People who are clearly guilty of major harassment giving gyaan on the #MeTooIndia movement". And her tweet is giving rise to many unwanted rumours now, as people are searching who did she has targeted.

On Friday morning, actually the likes of Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar spoke about #MeToo regarding the accusations that popped up on Sajid Khan and they have cancelled "Housefull 4" shoot too. And then we have Aamir Khan also talking about a couple of days ago. And then Farhan Akhtar and Sajid Khan's sister Farah Khan also condemned acts of Sajid. And then came Aditi Rao's tweet.

So who is Aditi referring in her tweet? Akshay? Aamir? Twinkle Khanna? Farhan? Ajay? Farah Khan? Some say that she's talking about another big hero who is known for his flirtatious behaviour and is now supporting the #MeToo storm.

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