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Aquaman's new trailer reveals the Trident, comic-accurate costume and an epic war

Warner Bros has released an extended trailer for Aquaman, and if you had any misgivings regarding the first trailer, they should disappear. The Jason Momoa starrer looks visually fantastic and action scenes are great. The CGI, which did not impress many the last time, looks improved too. Clearly, James Wan and his team have listened to the criticism.

The trailer begins with Momoa’s voiceover and with the same lighthouse. Momoa, who stars in the titular role of Aquaman/Arthur Curry in the film, is shown entering the submarine that we also saw the last time, in which he beat up smugglers. Then Mera (Amber Heard) and Arthur are in a desert and they seem to be in an Indiana Jones-style quest. They enter a huge hall that was once Atlantis before it got submerged in the ocean. They want to find the Trident of Poseidon.

The war against the surface world that Patrick Wilson’s King Orm (Arthur’s half-brother) wants is also teased, complete with great white sharks and seahorses. The visuals, I reiterate, look much improved — not that I had any complaints before. The real highlight of the trailer is Black Manta. Played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the villain seems to work with Orm and is a fearsome, true-to-lore supervillain who is going to be a pain for Arthur and Mera. Arthur’s reaction after seeing him for the first time is like us, “Who the hell are you?”

An extended sequence involves Mera and Arthur being chased by Black Manta. The background music is really, really impressive. A flashback has Nicole Kidman’s Queen Atlanna (Arthur’s mother) making quick work of a few attackers. Meanwhile, the war beckons. “I am no leader,” Arthur protests to Mera, who replies that Atlantis needs not a king, but a hero.

Aquaman releases on December 21.

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