TDP and Janasena's allegations knocked out in assembly!
Telugu Desam Party has exploded on the Onion prices in the assembly. They have laid many protests in the state on this problem. Even yesterday they have marched in the assembly premises. Along with TDP, Janasena Party boosted its voice on onion prices.

TDP has demanded a discussion in assembly on this issue. The government has accepted the opposition demand.

CM Jagan has replied with the stats and stated the situations in the other states.

Onions are burning issue not only in the AP but also in the whole country. The opposition party's knowledge has exposed to this issue. They tried to frame the issue to trouble the YCP Government. The exact problem occurred due to the floods caused recently. The crops are damaged and resulted in the scarcity. This led to a hike in the prices.

The government of AP is the only state that provides the onions for 25 Rupees. No other state government has involved like the YCP government in this issue. The onions are kept available for the people in every town and village.

The queue for consuming the onions is more than usual. This is due to the lessen rate by the government pulls people form long lines. The government has tried to solve the issue with some immediate action. Compared to other states, AP stood first in people's priorities.

A person died in the Gudivada market with heart stroke. The opposition parties TDP and Janasena have accused the government of his death. The facts are revealed with the video evidence from the expired person's family.

Shame on the opposition for attaching politics to a person's death. Politics on deaths are considered as the most disgusting act.

TDP and Janasena parties are in search of problems to drag the government. But unfortunately, they cannot find a precise issue to elevate and make it a weapon against YCP. This makes them cook up these kinds of false allegations and remain as culprits in people's views.