Citizenship Amendment Bill checkmate to Muslims?
Bharatiya Janata Party has taken revolutionary decisions and solved many crucial problems in the country like GST, demonetisation and Article 370. All these are appreciated all over the country as they benefit the country to build stronger and safer. All the decisions of the BJP government are not opposed often either in parliament or in the public.

This time they have introduced the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the parliament. With the clear majority, it is passed in Lok Sabha.

The motto of this bill is to provide citizenship to the Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist, and Christians from the countries Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, who are illegally lingering in the country. They can attain the nationality by providing precise documentation. This bill helps to offer nationality to refugees to live in the country from those mentioned religions.

The government has taken a good step in providing citizenship. At the same time, they have shown their political vendetta by rejecting the Muslims. This issue has raised serious opposition from the public. Most of the scholars, scientists have expressed their fear of this bill. Granting citizenship with the base of religion will surely damage the unity in the future.

Many Muslim races are struggling to live in Islamic countries like Pakistan and Afganistan even now. Most of them are illegally living in India. If this bill applies then they will be left abandoned. They have to quit India. Considering them as a threat to the country and separating them is one of the wicked act. This bill might turn a threat to Muslims legally living in India, eventuality. It is a checkmate move from the BJP to implement its agenda.