Know the DNA of Shiv Sena
       Shiv Sena, the firebrand party of core Hindutva is now forming Government along with Congress, bitter critique of Hindutva politics and NCP, the heart and soul of Maratha pride. It is a combination of totally diverse politics and ideologies. But the close look of past track record of Shiv Sena gives different picture. Shiv Sena's sole aim is to be in power. There is no party in Maharashtra with which it was not aligned including Muslim League. The perception of core Hindutva is only recent three decades phenomena as it suits to its existence politics in the State. 

Initial posture

  Shiv Sena was founded on 19th June 1966 by Bal Thackeray, a Chandravanshi Kayasth - 'high' Caste Hindu. His father was pioneer in fighting casteism in Maharashtra dominated Brahmins.  Shiv Sena started its journey by propagating ' Sons of Soil' theory which advocates jobs for Maharashtrians only. It attacked South Indians who were employed in Bombay. It also threatened employers of dire consequences if they recruit non- Maharashtrians. Also, it opposed naming of Aurangabad University as Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar University and conducted campaign and agitation against it. Such was the character of Shiv Sena and its mouthpiece 'Samna'. It was used by Congress to counter left influence in Bombay trade union field.  
Aligned with all parties 

    In 1968 , it aligned with Praja Socialist Party led by Madhu Dandavate. In 1970s, aligned with Muslim League for Bombay Municipal Mayoral post; in 1971 with Congress( O ); in 1975 backed Emergency, backed Congress candidate Murli Deora for Bombay Mayoral post and branded as ' Vasantsena' for supporting Chief Minister Vasantrao Naik; in 1978 tried to align with Janata Party but failed, then aligned with Congress ( I ) led by  Indira Gandhi. It followed policy of no ' untouchability' with any party to suit its convenience. As sons of soil theory is losing its sheen , gradually shifted towards Hindutva ideology. 
     In 1989, it aligned first time with BJP and continued the same for almost three decades with break in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. However, it made adjustment entry immediately after elections. However, in the 2007, it supported Congress candidate Pratibha Patil to the post of Rashtrapati because she hails from Maharashtra. 
    In 2019 Assembly elections, it aligned with BJP and contested 126 seats as alliance partner. It emerged as second largest party with 56 seats and announced that its candidate will be the Chief Minister. It also openly took the stand that its options are wide open to achieve the said goal. During the election campaign, it kept silent when Modi, Amit Shah and Fadnavis declared that Fadnavis will be the Chief Minister if ' Mahayuti ' came to power. Shiv Sena's sole aim is ' Kissa Kursi Ka ' not Hindutva. 

Controversial track record all the time

  Initially targeted South Indians, vandalised shops and establishments of employers. Opposed naming of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar to Aurangabad University. Its active role spread to  communal riots of Bhiwandi (1970 & 1984), Bombay riots (1992-93), demolition of Babri Masjid, opposed cricket matches with Pakistan, organised riots in Agra against Indo-Pak Cricket match and recently opposed Ghulam Ali concert. 
  Vandalised offices of news channels and physically attacked senior journalists. Even famous journalist and proprietor of Hindu N.Ram sat in protest camp in Mumbai against Shiv Sena goondagiri.  It never believes in respecting others views and it is party of          
  ' Intolerance '. Three years back , it announced 2 lakh reward to Hindu families in UP who possess five children to counter decrease of Hindu population. Sanjay Rout, the mouthpiece of Thackeray's demanded ban on Burqa just 6 months back. 
DNA of Shiv Sena is very interesting in Indian politics

    Famous for intolerance, organised physical attacks against opponents, took anti- South Indian stand which later turned into anti-Bihari stand, supported Emergency, express angry and love with Congress, participate in Hindutva brand politics and oppose the same  ( Citizenship amendment bill), align with any political party for power. Bal Thackeray never occupied the seat of power in his life time but now, his son and grandson wanted seat of  power by hook or cook. it is the DNA of Shiv Sena.

Biggest loser is Congress

  The partnership with Shiv Sena cost Congress dearly. The Muslim base of Congress party damaged first during PV Narasimha Rao time for failure of stopping demolition of Babri Masjid. But gradually, again Muslims are rallying towards Congress due to domination of Hindutva BJP in Indian politics. The present decision of joining with Shiv Sena led Government in Maharashtra will damage the Muslim base of Congress in many parts of the country. States like Kerala where It was aligned with Muslim League may start repolarisation. Muslims are forced to rally towards extremist parties like AIMIM in the long run due to its short term goal of aligning with Shiv Sena. Congress under leadership of Sonia Gandhi permanently destroyed Congress base in Andhra and also Telangana due to its short sighted approach on division. Now, by aligning with Shiv Sena, it is destroying its ' secular' image among Muslims permanently. Congress is pursuing self-ruining policies. It is writing itself on the wall that it will be a party of opposition only, not a stuff to rule this country. Alas, Grand Old Party fate is sealed.