UK Labour Party's U-turn on Kashmir

        At last, British Labour Party came down to ground. It over reacted on Kashmir issue at the instance of Pakistani diaspora, more particularly, Mirpuris. Jeremy Corbyn , the Leader of Opposition belonging to Labour Party openly took sides with Pakistan on abrogation of Article 370 relating to Jammu and Kashmir. Even , some of the Labour Party MPs participated in protest rallies organised by Pakistan in front of Indian Embassy. At the same time, these leaders never condemned cross border terrorism facing by India from Pakistan. It is first time, British Labour Party took sides on Kashmir issue.


   Now, UK is going for mid term elections in December. The fight is going to be tough. The present Prime Minister Boris Johnson is leading the campaign from Conservative Party. Indian diaspora in Britain were shocked with the stand of Labour Party and decided to campaign against Labour Party in the elections to take revenge for the comments and resolution passed against India. In fact, Indian origin people contested and got elected on Labour Party ticket in British Parliament earlier. They are now facing the heat due to the anti-India stand taken by its Party.

  Here is the news now: Ian Lavery, President, Labour Party issued a statement expressing contrition for passing emergency resolution condemning India for abrogation of Article 370 relating to Kashmir and for stating that Kashmir is a disputed area and to be settled in accordance with UN resolutions. The statement also noted that the language used in emergency motion has caused offence in some sections of the Indian diaspora and India itself.  It further stated that Kashmir is a bilateral matter between India and Pakistan. However, it put a rider with words like respect their right to have a say in their own future. 

  What are the consequences of this somersault by British Labour Party? Already, Indians broadly took sides this time towards Conservative Party. Damage already caused by Jeremy Corbyn who is leading the party campaign even now. Labour Party has become captive of its own views. Kashmir issue is unresolved because of conspiratorial role played by Britain. Gilgit-Baltistan was handed over by British Army people to Pakistan and the person responsible for it was given knighthood award by Queen. Mountbatten advised Kashmir Maharaja to join in Pakistan. Britain wanted that Pakistan should be created for its own strategic move in the ' GREAT GAME' between it and Russia led Soviet Union. Also, wanted Kashmir to be part of Pakistan. They don't need to preach morals to us. For this time, Indians already decided to vote against Labour Party. This type of wooing Indian community with expression of contrition will not soften us. Let world know the soft power of India. Let Pakistan well wishers know that their dirty games on Kashmir will not be fruitful. Indians here also will celebrate defeat of Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party in the present election so that it will be lesson for future.