Double Standards of Pakistan on Kashmir

    The status in Pakistan occupied Kashmir has undergone lot of changes since 1949. Pakistan which is crying from roof tops on the recent changes in Jammu and Kashmir must explain to the world about the structural changes made in Azad Kashmir, the territory under its control. Pakistan thought that the memory of people about its history is short but people are smart enough to understand the game plan.


   The very first act of Pakistan interfering in internal affairs of India by illegally occupying parts of Kashmir territory through inciting rebellion with the logistic support of its army is against international laws and accepted global systems. The instrument of accession signed by Maharaja of Kashmir gave absolute title to India on the total territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Though India wrongly went to UNO despite clear title on hand, UN resolution clearly admitted that  the first act to defuse the situation is total withdrawal of Pakistan Army, non-State actors and tribal armies from Azad Kashmir( now, called POK) to create peaceful atmosphere in the Region. Pakistan never implemented this resolution. It is the first violation.

   Then, the so called Azad Kashmir was divided into two parts secretly in 1949 under Karachi agreement removing 'Northern Areas' , now called Gilgit-Baltistan from Azad Kashmir and bringing them under direct control of Pakistan Federal Government. It was directly administered under 'Federal Crime Regulations' treating them as criminals, barbaric people without any civil rights. The Pakistan Government which is claiming violation of UN resolution( which is infructuous after Simla agreement) by India by abrogating Article 370 violated it in 1949 itself by bifurcating and directly bringing Gilgit-Baltistan under its control. They can not erase history. So, what is now talking of bifurcation into Jammu and Kashmir  and Ladakh in India was done by Pakistan in 1949 itself when there was no bipartite agreement like Simla Agreement. No moral right to Pakistan about any violation even for argument sake.

  Now, Azad Kashmir is only a small part on the western border of our J&K spread over 13297 sq kilometres with 4 million population whereas Gilgit-Baltistan covers an area of 72496 sq kilometres, five times bigger than Azad Kashmir with a population of 1 million. Now, Azad Kashmir is not having any control over Gilgit-Baltistan. Azad Kashmir consisting of three divisions namely Mirpur, Muzaffarabad and Poonch with exclusive Assembly whereas Gilgit-Baltistan consisting of 3 divisions namely Baltistan, Gilgit and Diamer gradually after 1970s got self rule under strict control of Pakistan central Government.

   Azad Kashmir rules do not permit any independent Kashmir political party to contest unless declare allegiance to Pakistan. The so called Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front was not allowed to contest in Azad Kashmir. Similarly, Pakistan Government abolished State Subject Rules in Gilgit-Baltistan thereby brought outsiders particularly Sunni Muslims and changed the demography of GB from Shia majority to Sunny majority. So, let Pakistan clean its hands first before showing fingers on others. Similarly, without any title on Kashmir, Pakistan ceded around 5000 sq kilometers territory called 'Shaksgam' to China. Let Pakistan answer to UNO and international community under what clause, it transferred our territory to China. 

 In conclusion, we would like to bring the following how Pakistan made structural changes illegally and secretly to the Indian owned Jammu-Kashmir territory occupied by them.
1. Secretly, under Karachi agreement separated Gilgit-Baltistan area from Azad Kashmir in 1949 and brought under its direct control.
2. Illegally, ceded our territory to China in 1963.
3. Treated Gilgit-Baltistan under Federal Crime Rules till 1970s without any civil rights.                                                                                                                                                                                  4. Changed demography of Gilgit-Baltistan abolishing State Subject Rules.

        These structural changes were made in POK and now, falsely criticising India for structural changes undertaken by India to make it more liberal  suiting to 21st century aspirations. Devil can't preach sermons.