Pakistan is shaken

     Pakistan is in jittery. All these years it throws ball in our Court. They act and we reacted. Now,Kashmir Bill and resolution revoking Article 370 tilted the balance in reverse. Pakistan is shaken. It is in desperation. Its reaction is expected. It is downgrading the diplomatic position and sending Indian High Commissioner back to India. It stops all bilateral trade. All these days, it wanted consultations. Now, it wanted UN intervention. It is moving UN Security Council to intervene. The already isolated Pakistan wanted global powers to intervene but its obligation of curtailing terroristic activity on its soil is not fulfilled. Who will listen to them?

  Pakistan's true colours have exposed. All these years, its support to separatists covertly has been exposed now by openly declaring all its support to them. It is good. Let the world further know about the insights of Pak mechanism how it has become breeding ground for terrorists. Pakistan never succeeds internationally. already US, UAE and Sri Lanka came out in support of India. Only ,we have to watch how China plays its cards. Pakistan solely depending on China. Though China protested on Ladakh making Ladakh as UT, overall response on Kashmir is yet to be known. 

  It seems that Pakistan's decision to observe 15th August as black day is deep conspiracy. They want to provoke Kashmiri people on that day by announcing this programme. That means the Kashmiri agitation is directly guided from Pakistan soil. We have to watch keenly how Kashmiri people reacts. Let every Indian irrespective of political ideology extend wholehearted support to Indian Government at this critical juncture. Pakistan never succeeds in its efforts to internationalise Kashmir issue, never succeeds in blackmailing India through warnings, diplomatic actions and any other misadventures. Let us isolate Pakistan and that should be mission of every Indian citizen.