Modi, clarify in Parliament
The Trump statement stirred nation  . That too,he talked jointly with Imran Khan, Pakistan Prime Minister. He dropped a bomb as if Modi requested him for mediation/arbitration on Kashmir. It is a very serious issue because this is the statement from the most powerful President on earth. Of course, entire world knows about Trump and his theatrics. Still his position as President of USA is important and it requires a powerful rebuttal from India.

    There is strong basis to intervene by Modi personally and clarify the position as matter assumes serious nature due to direct reference of conversation by Trump. Clarification by External Affairs Minister in such circumstances does not augur well. Modi's track record in direct participation in Parliament debate is not impressive. Very rarely, he intervenes. Only where ,it is necessary like reply to debate on Presidential address, he speaks. In all other matters, he kept silent and passes the responsibility to others. It undermines his personality.

 When matter is related to him and referred by none other than President of US, Modi pro actively would have come forward by appearing in Parliament and clarify the position which boosts his image further. Reasons for keeping silent is not known. Of course, we are confidant that Modi never request for third party intervention in Kashmir. Modi and BJP's stand on Kashmir is well known . But it is not enough. There should be strong and powerful rebuttal of Trump statement by Modi himself. Naturally, opposition takes advantage of the situation . This is possible because of silence by Modi. It is a wrong strategy. The advantage Modi and BJP are having on Kashmir issue should not be derailed because of ego of Modi. The highest institution is in session. It is not late even now. Let Modi appear in both the houses and speak. That will not belittle his personality but appreciate by one and all.