Rural India is changing

        Swatch Bharat and Ujjwala schemes made tremendous social impact on rural India, that too exclusively rural women.  Swatch Bharat helped even male but Ujjwala scheme is immensely benefited women alone. In India, even now, majority of rural women use bio fuels like cow dung, wood for cooking. This made the women vulnerable to chest ailment causing early deaths. A recent study by Indian Chest Society and Indian Chest Research Foundation revealed that rural women were eased of 20% chest congestion after supply of LPG connections to 7 crore women. Unfortunately, this type of news do not find top headlines in the media. Likewise, construction of toilets under Swatch Bharat definitely created lot of social impact. Besides, protecting self-respect to women, it must have reduced communicable and water- borne diseases considerably.  A further detailed study  and survey should be undertaken to know  the real impact on lives of people, particularly living in rural areas.

      Modi is bringing social transformation in India. He used behavioural economics in creative way which is popular in developed world. In the coming 5 years, he is contemplating two more flagship schemes in a big way. Drinking Water to All through pipeline (Har Ghar Jal) under Jal Shakti Abhiyan and Solid Waste Management in Villages (Ghan Vyardh Nirvahan) under Swatch Bharat are two programmes which further brings social transformation in the villages. In certain parts of the country, even now, people , again women spend lot of time in carrying water from far away places. Har Ghar Jal relieves women from wasting of time and energy thereby their energies can be used on other vital matters. All these would have been priority after attaining Independence. Unfortunately, it was not. Modi is fortunate that these awaited for his turn which make him iconic personality in Indian history. Everybody is talking about economic transformation by reaching $5 trillion target in next five years but I am more enthused by social transformation taking place in next five years. Now, I am confidant that India is changing through social transformation. I dream New India. Whether You?