BJP: Another Congress Party?
          The way politics turned murkier, the way BJP actively pursued such murkier politics is shocking to original supporters  of Modi and BJP. Second time people voted to Modi not to destroy democratic values. In the name of National Security, continuation of good work done in the first term, he was voted. But things moving in the very bad direction. Congress Mukt Bharat will not come by horse trading . It should be fought politically.

         In Goa, 10 Congress MLAs switched over to BJP and some of them were inducted as Ministers immediately by removing partner  Party's MLAs as Ministers. The Congress legislature party leader Chandrakant Kavlekar was inducted as Deputy Chief Minister. He was believed to be Mutka betting King of Goa. Another MLA Manserrate , popularly known as Babush was accused in rape case. He is having several criminal charges pending on the ground of rape of a minor, land grabbing, extortion, molestation and even an attack on police station. His wife Jennifer was also an MLA. Such notorious criminal background person was taken into fold. It seems that Church negotiated the deal. Now, Goa BJP is dominated by Christian  and Congress background MLAs. The traditional supporters of BJP are upset with the development. If they all got elected on BJP ticket, nobody bothers whether they belong to Christianity or Hindu. But it it is Church negotiated backdoor deal. 

   Similarly, in Karnataka, both the parties are playing all dirty tricks. Money is changing in big numbers , people are believing. Even if Congress- JD(S) was defeated and BJP came to power, what is the basic difference? Money power alone rules the State. Earlier, the scam accused Sujana Choudary and businessman CM Ramesh switched over sides overnight. What message BJP wants to give to its cadre? 
      When mandate came in favour of Modi second time and when he spoke about with a new slogan ' Sub ka Viswas' and openly tried to reach Muslim minorities, everybody welcomed it . But nobody expected that ' Sub ka Viswas' will come from back door. Then, what is the difference between Congress and BJP? Earlier BJP accused Congress as if it polluted politics through money power, brokerage and appeasement politics. In all these matters, BJP is behaving similar to Congress, one way , more aggressively than Congress. People are smart, watching the politics keenly.  Leader may not be corrupt but practicing corrupt practices on any ground is also condemnable. It is most unfortunate that BJP is gradually becoming another Congress may be minus dynasty. Better wiser counsels prevail , otherwise, it will be suicidal for the party and its supporters.