The plight of Mamata in WB

WB Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today is a different person. She is in panic mode and reaching out to all opposition parties CPM and Congress to join and fight unitedly against BJP. She was the one who tried to intimidate and kill CPM and Congress workers all these years. When CPM and Congress reached out to fight against BJP, she was the one rejected the idea out rightly.

This is the best example of opportunistic politics and once again proven that if any party indulges in scare tactics and threaten people their fundamental rights, they can only survive temporarily. This was what happened to the fate of CPM earlier in WB. In WB, all opposition parties should stop appeasement politics of minorities just for their votes. They should address their real problems and think beyond vote bank politics. As long as TMC encourages illegal immigrants from Bangladesh for the sake of votes, and CPM, Congress keep quiet about it, it is certain that no one can stop BJP from coming to power in WB.