Mamata losing ground Fast
Mamata Banarjee became the most controversial Chief Minister in the contemporary history. Many of the reasons are self-made. In elections, winning or loosing is a natural phenomenon. Mamata in fact emerged central figure in West Bengal politics championing democratic rights of people. The then CPM Government ignored people’s rights by misusing and abusing authority and Mamata stepped in defending people’s rights. It was history. 

     It is ironical that the same Mamata has become symbol of authoritarian tactics adopted against same democratic rights. The people of West Bengal voted out CPM led Left Front and chosen her anticipating protection of their rights. But she belied the hopes of people. She was not tolerant to any type of criticism. She blatantly misused all State organs. Her actions resulted in poor governance and made people to suffer. She conceded major space to BJP due to this in recently held Lok Sabha elections. BJP raised from two to eighteen seats and its vote share increased to 40%. In democracy, one must respect its verdict. That is the beauty of democracy. But Mamata’s nature is different. She can not digest defeat under any circumstances. Hence, the problem.

     In Lok Sabha elections, entire north Bengal, Jangal Mahal, Nadia, Vardhman and other areas except South Bengal tilted massively towards BJP. TMC still holds Kolkata and its surroundings strongly which went to polls in the last phase. Even here, people expected some change but one single incident of smashing the bust of Eswar Chandra Vidya Sagar during the rally of Amit shah changed the scenario in favour of Mamata. If South Bengal keeps with Mamata, power is rest assured. This in fact worried BJP and assured TMC in the coming Assembly elections in 2021.  The Bhadralok of Bengal are still with Mamata. But things are changing fast. 

   The present Doctors’ agitation is an eye-opener to many in Kolkata. The Bhadralok and middle class of Bengal believes in Mamata all these days. But the way, she handled Doctors’ agitation made them to re-think. The lies and propaganda all these days against all political opponents were to certain extent accepted by these sections. That is why, her writ prevails in the State. First time, these sections felt that there is some thing wrong with her. She accused, as in the past against political opponents, Doctors’ agitation as a conspiracy by outsiders and abused them with harsh words instead of taking stringent action against miscreants who physically attacked the Doctors. People started to understand how she spread lies on simple facts. Simply because the culprits belong to minority religion, she was reluctant to take any action. It surprised everyone. Crime never identifies with religion. She brought communal aspect unnecessarily. The South Bengal which stood strongly behind Mamata started rethinking. Out of insecurity and intolerance, she is committing mistake after mistake which is helping BJP by default. Bhadralok and middle class gradually may shift towards BJP which may be end of the road to Mamata. All signals are leading in that direction. It can be halted only by her reversal of present intolerant attitude and appeasement of minorities. Otherwise, future is written clearly on the wall.