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Revanth Reddy Regrets Joining Congress

Revanth Reddy who is recently appointed as the Working President of the Congress Party in Telangana is reportedly very displeased with the party high command and is regretting leaving the Telugu Desam Party. Revanth Reddy was promised around 10 seats to his followers who came from TDP (TS).

 Only on the condition of giving him a respectable position and seats to his followers, Revanth Reddy joined Congress party. But now, Congress is going back on the promises and is refusing seats to his followers on the name of political compulsions. Revanth is said to be very displeased with this and is even threatening to pull out of the election.

We are told that he is ruing leaving TDP for Congress. Since anyways TDP and Congress are contesting the election in an alliance, he would have had a better bargain if he is in TDP. Revanth Reddy’s Exit further weakened TDP which was severely battered after the Cash for Vote fiasco.

Revanth Reddy always held TDP and Chandrababu Naidu in high esteem even after he left the party and joined Congress. He is one of the contenders of the Chief Minister’s Post if at all Mahakutami wins the election. Telangana will go for polls on December 7th and the results will be out on 11th of the same month. Follow @mirchi9 for moreUser Comments

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