Yamini Sadineni, Firebrand of a Different Type!
Until recently not many knew that Sadineni Yamini is TDP’s official representative. But she was harassed and bullied on social media by Jana Sena and Pawan Kalyan fans after her criticizing of Jana Sena Chief and she is now a celebrity. However, nothing would actually affect and she does her work for the party. She presents facts with numbers and they can’t be denied.

 In a latest, she took down on opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy saying he has no moral right to do the padayatra. Speaking to media personnel in Guntur Ms Yamini breathed fire at Jagan and said that the padayatra is meant to spread lies about his party and himself.

She questioned what good had the former CM YSR done to the women during his tenure as CM. Recalling the suicides of the 200 DWCRA women in YSR’s time Ms Yamini said that the then CM did not have the nerve to even respond on the deaths. The lady said that CM Chandrababu has helped over 86 lakh women with the 8604 Crores Chandranna Pasupu Kumkuma scheme. She hailed CM for giving 10,000 rupees for every DWCRA woman!!