Why Pawan Trusts Nadendla Manohar So Much?
Usually when someone joins a party, he is welcomed with open arms. He is felicitated and then given a responsibility. Later, he is asked to work to strengthen the party and then left to fend for himself. But, the case of Nadendla Manohar seems to be different. He left the Congress and joined the Jana Sena recently. Interestingly, Pawan Kalyan is keeping Nadendla by his side always. Wherever Pawan goes, Nadendla is seen accompanying him.  Even during the Kavathu sabha, Nadendla was by Pawan's side.

This showed how important Nadendla Manohar is for Pawan Kalyan. It could be that Pawan, an inexperienced politician,  wants to get benefited by Nadendla's political acumen and experience. Nadendla is an instant reckenor for Pawan.  Also, Pawan feels Nadendla is a well-known face and has a clean image. So, he could be tutoring Pawan on handling different situations.

But for the old timers in Jana Sena, the attention that Nadenla is commanding is unpalatable. They feel Pawan is ignoring senior hands in the party, who had stayed with him through the thick and thin