Balayya Still Cold Towards NTR!
Are plans afoot to rope in NTR to campaign for the upcoming elections in AP? Is that the reason why the Nandamuri family is getting pally with him? Is Nandamuri Balayya still not reconciled to NTR's star status?

Recently Balayya Babu was the chief guest for the Aravinda Sametha's success meet. NTR was humility personified and lauded Balayya Babu with great reverence and affection. He kept his speech unusually brief. But, Balayya Babu did not reciprocate it. In his 18 minute speech, he referred to Balayya only once and that too very perfunctorily.

But, it was clear that Balayya was there to capitalize on the sympathies got for Harikrishna's death. He praised his brother Harikrishna with a view to garner the sympathy. Interestingly, Balayya's daughter and Chandrababu's daughter in law Nara Brahmani has sent Dasara gifts to NTR and praised his work in Aravinda Sametha. This too has been done for the first time ever. All these indicate that the Nandamuri-Nara family is all set to use NTR for 2019 elections.

NTR has a weakness for Nandamuri family and always craved for their attention. So, in 2009, he campaigned for the TDP without expecting anything in return. Even when he was hospitalized after an injury, he campaigned from the hospital bed. But, after the election, NTR was not just dumped, but even there were efforts to ensure that his films end up as failures. Some senior Nandamuri family members called NTR Pilla Kaki, a pejorative expression. But, NTR never lost his cool and had always refered Balayya Babu with utmost respect.

But, Balayya's behavious and his speech at Aravinda Sametha function shows that Balayya still has no love lost for NTR and he may have attended the programme only because of political compulsions.