Who brought Pawan, Nadendla Manohar together?
Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan scored a coup of sorts when he managed to get former AP assembly speaker Nadendla Manohar into his party. Manohar, known as a soft-spoken, non-controversial, honest and intellectual leader, has been a dyed-in-the-wool Congressman and has consistently refused offers from various political parties. Hence, his joining the Jana Sena is being seen as a big surprise catch for Pawan Kalyan.

ManoharÔ€™s joining has also helped Pawan to erase the image being a party that belongs to only one particular caste. Nadendla is from the dominant Kamma caste. Many people are wondering how Pawan and Manohar came together in the first place. Though both knew each other, each have taken to different political routes. So, how they came together?

Interestingly, a businessman, who is a common friend for both Pawan and Manohar has brought them together. This businessman has great influence on Pawan and the latter gives lot of weightage to his opinion. It was his feedback that enabled Pawan to take a call. He had also cross checked about Nadendla Manohar and confirmed the the feedback.

From the body language of both the leaders at the Kavathu in Rajahmundry, it appears that Nadendla Manohar is all set to play a key role in the party. Manohar had won from Tenali in 2004 and 2009. Though he knew that he would be defeated, he opted to contest from Tenali in 2014. Since the defeat, he kept a low profile.