Harassment of women is a social evil, says Venkaiah Naidu
Chennai: Harassment of women and gender discrimination is a social evil and needs to be eradicated with concerted action, said Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu said.

He was speaking at the platinum jubilee celebrations of Ethiraj College of Women in the city on Thursday. “We have to liberate India where gender equality becomes the norm and will unleash the full potential of half a billion strong women force.”

India is facing its own “#MeToo” movement in which several women have come forward and revealed sexual allegations against prominent persons.

In his speech, he acknowledged that some disturbing trends like “discrimination and harassment of women are appearing” in some parts of the country. “Like dowry, gender discrimination is a social evil that needs to be eradicated with concerted action. This cannot be achieved by bringing up a bill as there are enough bills in our country,” he pointed out.

Commending women for breaking barriers, he said, “From research to flying fighter aircraft there is no arena which remains unconquered by Indian women. The professions which considered as the forte of men are no longer their territory and women frequently outperform their male counterparts with ease and calm.”

While pointing out that women excelled in various fields he also praised dynamism and intelligence of former chief minister J. Jayalalithaa.  

“We must give equal opportunities to women and encourage them,” Mr Naidu urged.

During the function, he also laid the foundation stone for administrative block and indoor sports training centre.