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Pawan kalyan On About Election Commission Symbol for Jana Sena

Election symbol is very mportant thing in winning an election. Chiru knows it best. His Praja Rajyam Party was given train engine and many confused it with the symbols of other parties and Chiru lost badly in 2009. By the tme it got Rising Son symbol, the party was as good as dead. Is the Jana Sena facing the same fate?If insiders are to be believed, Pawan Kalyan too could go his brother's way.

Though one readily remembers Star when one thinks of Pawan Kalyan, Jana Sena party has asked for Fist symbol. Though he has applied for the symbol, nothing has so far been finalized. Even if gets fist symbol, will it be able to take the new symbol to the voters? In the event of Pawan not getting Fist symbol, how will the party popularize the new symbol?

Remember YS Jagan carried a ceiling fan with him and showed it to the public whenever he addressed them. She used to ask the party's candidates to hold up the symbol while he spoke. That's how he made the party symbol popular. But, Pawan Kalyan has not yet got the party symbol. When will the symbol be decided and when will he take it to the people?

Politics is not like a film. One has to multi-task in politics. The sooner Pawan realizes this the better.

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