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Mahaa Murthy Resigns: Giving shivers to Janasena

Responding to personal attack on him and his character, TV journalist and anchor Mahaa Murthy has stated that he has tendered his resignation to the channel as he didn't want to compromise on his story over Pawan Kalyan's Janasena. He said he doesn't want to put his channel and its management, employees in trouble and said he submitted his resignation as he doesn't want to compromise on the principles.

Claiming to be unbiased and not taking sides with any political party, Murthy said it was him who had compromised between Pawan's critic Kathi Mahesh and Pawan fans back then in his studio. Clarifying that he has nothing personal against Janasena or Pawan Kalyan, Murthy said he is only trying to question the happenings within the party that is inclined towards only one community.

Murthy said he has believed in journalism but he said he hasn't sold it out. Stating that he never took any favours from the government or any political party and said he even rejected the site offered by the government to journos and even the travel passes provided by the government to scribes, Murthy said his integrity can't be questioned.

Explaining about the story on Janasena's secret meeting with Kapu businessman held at ITC recently where the funds were raised from them describing it as "Mana Party" and "Mana Blood" that went viral and invited severe criticism from Pawan's fans, Murthy said he hasn't aired the visuals of Pawan and other leaders despite having all the footage. Murthy said it is only fans who leaked the footage of Pawan at the venue and he said they're unknowingly causing more damage to the party and Pawan.

Murthy also said all he has is only a flat with the help of a housing loan. He said he doesn't have any other assets. He even said he has now a bank balance of Rs 2 - 3 Lakh in his account to survive for couple of months without job, salary. Murthy said he has sources in all political parties, including Janasena, and said he find nothing wrong in questioning a political party that is born to question the government. He went onto say that he has several proofs and videos against the Janasena's secret meeting, but he said he hasn't aired them. He even shown the footage of his presence at the Janasena's secret meeting and aired a P2C ( A Piece 2 Camera) of him. He even shown a bite of a person who attended the meeting stating that it is for Kapu community people only.

Mahaa Murthy clarified on why it is a secret meeting and why no media was invited nor it was put on Janasena's official YouTube channel. He even questioned why the event is called as Illusionz Media summit at the hotel instead of Janasena meeting. Murthy questioned why the party is accepting donations in cash and how Pawan would react to it who claims to bring transparency in governance when his party itself doesn't have transparency. Overall, Murthy has nailed it in his fresh video giving shivers to Janasena party.

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