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Yes, I Planned To Kill Prakash Raj

In a shocking revelation, the killer of journalist and social activist Gauri Lankesh admitted of planning to kill actor Prakash Raj who raised strong pitch against the brutal and broad-day murder of Gauri.

Naveen Kumar, the prime accused in Gauri Lankesh's murder, stated that he had planned to kill Prakash Raj. Naveen alleged Prakash Raj of raising his voice against "Hinduism". The accused said initially he wanted to "warn" Prakash Raj but he later admitted of hatching a master plan to kill Prakash Raj after he realized that Prakash Raj is in "no mood to listen".

Accused Naveen made the above confession during the investigation of the Special Investigation Team (SIT).

Naveen also revealed his "hitlist" to the SIT. He admitted of planning to kill literary figure Bhagavan and six others.

What is in Naveen's Diary?

SIT officials have seized diaries, notebooks of the accused Naveen Kumar and found that there were as many as 11 members in the "hitlist". SIT officials found that the first three names in the "hitlist" were tick-marked. While the first name is being Gauri Lankesh's, the second name is Bhagavan's name.

Meanwhile, Naveen Kumar has agreed to undergo for Narco Analysis test. Naveen's advocate has informed media that Naveen agreed to undergo Narco Analysis test.

Prakash Raj Responds on His Murder Plan

Responding to the shocking revelation of his murder plan by accused Naveen Kumar, Prakash Raj said his voice would raise further and stronger after coming to know about Naveen's plan.

"I laugh at these sorts of threats. I'm not threatened at all. My voice becomes stronger. Forces like these are bringing hatred in the country," Prakash Raj said. Prakash Raj, however, expressed his concerns over "installing fake propaganda in youngsters".

"What I'm more worried about is who brainwashes these youngsters and why? Through these threats, we can understand- how arrogant and fearless they are? Especially in installing fake propaganda in youngsters," he concluded.

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