Vote for Note Case Brought Back to Rein Naidu?
Political Experts suspect that BJP seems to be trying to rein the Special Status agitation in Andhra Pradesh using the Vote for Note Case. The agitation gained momentum after TDP MPs protested in the Parliament and the issue getting the Nationwide media attention and so BJP seems to be Enough is Enough mood with Chandrababu Naidu.

Vote for Note Case which is almost dead for the last one year or so suddenly gained momentum after one of the Prime Accused, Jerusalem Mattaiah approaching the Supreme Court stating that he will turn approver in this case. Mattaiah appeared on TV Channels and came up with the lamest reason that the officials are not even informing him about the case adjournments.

He stated that he is made a scapegoat in this case after both the Chief Ministers got compromised. The Central Government may have sent a message to Chandrababu Naidu to hush up the movement and stay subdued in the alliance or face the music. It has to be seen how Naidu will respond to this blackmail technique.

2019 elections are fast approaching and the situation in Andhra Pradesh is as such that whosoever travels with BJP will sink in the election. If Naidu yields to BJP this time, the same case will be used to bargain for more seats as well in the election which will more or less finish Telugu Desam Party.