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Eat Beef & Kiss If You Wish! Why Festival?: Venkaiah

NEW DELHI: Vice President Venkaiah Naidu made his stand clear on 'beef festivals' and 'kiss festivals' during the platinum jubilee celebrations of R.A Podar College of Commerce. 'If you wish to eat beef, eat it. Why do you conduct festivals? Similarly, If you wish to kiss, go ahead. Why do you organize festivals? It's your personal choice...Do you need anyone's acceptance for it? What is the need for these festivals?,' he questioned.

Mentioning about Afzal Guru who is the mastermind of attack on Parliament, Venkaiah Naidu expressed his displeasure over few Indians admiring the Kashmir Separatist. 'Do you know what Afzal Guru has done? He tried to blast the Parliament,' he said.  

This isn't the first time Venkaiah Naidu reacted on the controversies surrounding beef festivals. In the past, He made it clear: 'I am a pure non-vegetarian. What to eat is a personal choice. Nobody could restrict anybody from eating a certain kind of food'.

Hope, Narendra Modi makes a similar statement at some point before the end of his first term as Prime Minister. At least then, Attacks of Pro-Hindu Outfits would end.

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