Venkaiah Giving Tough Time To Authorities!
HYDERABAD: It has been more than three decades since M Venkaiah Naidu got into national politics. Having served as the BJP national president and Union minister for several years, he had to be in the national capital of New Delhi for a long time.

Now that he has become the Vice President of India, he has no option but to be available in New Delhi. And there is every possibility that Venkaiah would become the President of India subsequently, so his affiliation with New Delhi would have to continue for some more years.

In spite of holding so many positions at the national level, Venkaiah has not lost his touch with his native Telugu land.

When he was the union minister, he did not have enough time to come Hyderabad or his native place Nellore, as he had lot of work in Delhi. But now that he is Vice President, he is feeling bored in Delhi and getting home sick.

So, he has made it a point to come to Hyderabad or Andhra Pradesh very frequently on some programme or the other. Since he does not have enough work in Delhi, except during Rajya Sabha sessions, he is coming to the native land during week-ends and holidays.

Though he is very happy about the new facility, it is becoming tough for the officials and local political leaders to follow protocols in receiving him and making arrangements, wherever he goes.

Now that Rajya Sabha session is over, Venkaiah is back in Andhra Pradesh. Starting Thursday, he will spend six days in Nellore district.

He has fixed a number of programmes in different parts of the district, besides spending time in his native place for Sankranti. And the district administration is having a real tough time!