Stop Begging: Naidu tells MPs
Rajya Sabha chairman M Venkaiah Naidu suggested MPs to avoid using the words 'I Beg To' while laying papers/reports on the table of the Upper House. He made this comment when Minister for State for Law & Justice PP Chaudhary stood up to lay the papers in the House by saying: 'Sir, With your permission, I beg to lay papers listed under my name on the table of the House'.  

Quickly, Venkaiah Naidu reacted: 'No begging please..May be, You aren't present when I said it earlier. Members just need to say, 'I seek permission to lay papers' or 'I lay the papers'. Avoid the word 'begging''!.

PP Chaudhary didn't use the word 'beg' when he stood up to lay another set of papers in the House after receiving Naidu's order.

On the Day 1 of Winter Session, Venkaiah asked MPs to avoid 'beg' as it reeks of colonial legacy. Since then, Members had began following the instructions of Chairman.

Venkaiah Naidu is very particular about how the House should be run. He advised the Members to come up with crisp questions and wanted Ministers to be precise. He didn't spare when Members argued or kept speaking while sitting.