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Man Brutally Chopped off Limbs by Villagers Dies

A 25-Year-old man who was alleged of Drug dealings in Punjab was assaulted and beaten up by the villagers leading to the death of the man. Vinod Kumar had been warned by the villagers to leave the village after being charged with selling drugs and released from the custody.

Vinod hasn’t listened to them and stayed there which made the villagers mad and a group caught him, chopped off his limbs and left to die. The brutal episode was captured by the spectators and came online. Police tried to save the man and admitted him to the hospital but he died of the wounds.

As reported by the police the man came back from the custody a couple of days back and the villagers were angry for Vinod being treated at the hospital. On the other side, Villagers say that they were angry for the police not taking any action on the accused. Whatever the reason was, people say that what villagers did to the man was inhuman.

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