Less numbers in Rajya Sabha: Limiting factor for Modi
People voted en mass to MODI hoping a big change in governance and development. Results will be announced tomorrow. There is no doubt about his victory and forming of Government.

Any changes in basic policies will come through enactment of good bills in Parliament. It is certain that Modi Government will have sufficient strength in Lok Sabha. Hurdle comes through Rajya Sabha. Out of total strength of 240, BJP is having only 46 members. Total NDA strength is around 60 including newly joined TDP and LJP. Majority mark is 121. Even if one or two Parties like AIADMK, BJD roped in, there is no chance of getting majority in Rajya Sabha. If any bill is to be passed, invariably they have to seek Congress support. Unless Congress extends support, no bill will be passed. So Congress power indirectly continues in the Parliament though they are losing majority in Lok Sabha. This situation continues till the end of 2015. Though 17 vacancies will arise in between, all of them are in States where BJP is having marginal strength. Only in December 2015, large number of vacancies will occur and BJP is hopeful of getting major share out of them. Till that time, they must continue on hold.

Only solace is that they are free to deal financial matters as per their priorities because Rajya Sabha mandate is not compulsory. Budget can be presented and passed in Lok Sabha as per their promises in Election manifesto. For bringing basic changes through legislative measures, they have to wait till the end of 2015. By that time, Modi will be left over with three years only to implement his promises. It is a setback to Modi's governance.